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Based in Nashville, Sky Inc is a marketing firm specializing in executing face-to-face marketing campaigns for large corporations. Founded in 2007, companies hire us because we produce efficient, widespread, and tangible results — all while maintaining the strictest standards of integrity.

We are currently working with the largest telecommunications company in the United States on a campaign intended to target customers who have been unattainable through previous indirect marketing efforts such as billboards and commercials. We have been hired to focus on building an in-person relationship with this client’s customers.

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We’ve built strong relationships with high-profile clients that have lasted almost a decade, we’ve expanded to 17 locations throughout the country — and our achievements are no coincidence. A large part of our success at Sky Inc is due to a unique organizational structure in which employees are invited to participate in a management training program. While working alongside a Fortune 500 client, each individual is trained thoroughly in a variety of business fields. We provide training in leadership, marketing, sales, finance, human resources, and public speaking — just to name a few. Not a single person at Sky Inc has ever entered a management role without first starting in the entry level and working his or her way up. Since our advancement structure is strictly based upon individual performance, it motivates our team members to perform their absolute best — each and every day.

The corporate culture of Sky Inc is also quite unique. We believe in fostering an enjoyable atmosphere for our employees, and we go to great lengths to create this. It is not atypical for the president himself to organize a game of “two ball” in the morning to generate some energy and excitement for the day. The Sky Inc group also meets outside of the office on a weekly basis, purely for socializing and building relationships.

The result? A cohesive team that performs at the highest level — and unparalleled results for our clients.


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