Several members of the Sky Inc team got to enjoy 3 of our favorite things on a recent trip to Dallas: seeing new sights; celebrating success; and connecting with our friends in the industry.


Every year, we kick off the new year by attending this invigorating conference, where we spend several days learning about best practices in sales, marketing, management, human resources, and everything in between. This year, we got to hear from a particularly inspiring set of industry pace-setters and came home with lots of useful information to take our business to the next level in 2018.

The conference kicked off on Friday afternoon with a welcome reception. The food and drinks were wonderful – but the people our team got to catch up with were even better. When you’ve been in business as long as Sky Inc has (we will be celebrating our 11 year anniversary on February 26th!), you make lots of industry friends over the years — so events like these feel like family reunions!

Saturday morning started with a breakfast meeting with our telecom client, who was also in town for the conference. Next, was General Session, and an exciting one at that. Our very own president, Jonathan, was called up to the stage to receive a $53,500 check in recognition of the company’s performance last quarter. Then, Kevin picked up another check for $8,000! Holy cow! Excitingly, the Sky Inc squad also got to celebrate one of our colleagues for an amazing milestone in his career. They ended the morning feeling thankful to work in an industry in which hard work truly does pay off.

General Session was followed by lunch with our client, and then informational breakout meetings hosted by the best of the best from across the country. The Sky Inc team split up and attended different sessions in order to make the most out of the learning opportunities. Let’s just say their notebooks are full!

Saturday evening was an unforgettable awards dinner with a “Lux Lounge” theme. Everyone dressed up in blue and gray mid-century attire to match the event’s aesthetic.

The highlight of the evening was the recognition of one of our team members, Mark. Everyone couldn’t have been more proud to cheer him on as thousands of confetti pieces rained down on him as he walked up to the stage.

What an incredible event.

There’s no doubt about it, 2018 is going to be Sky Inc‘s most successful year yet… stay tuned!