Today we got the chance to talk to our wonderful Human Resources Manager, Lauran McGuire. We chatted a bit about the work environment of Sky Inc, the people she has the pleasure to work with, and what she loves the most about her job.


We love working with Lauran, she’s always in great spirits!

L: I am a human resources manager, I’m the eyes and the ears of the office and I wear a lot of different hats. The favorite hat that I wear… golly gee- the hiring, the recruiting process, getting to interview candidates and give them the opportunity to work for a company is definitely my favorite hat. The most gratifying part of my job is watching people succeed and get promoted.

Sky Inc’s team members are truly what makes it the environment so many people want to be a part of. So we talked about the people who manage Sky Inc and contribute to this positive work environment.

What is the environment like at Sky Inc?
L: Upbeat, fun, definitely not your regular 9-5 desk job.

What made you want to work there?
L: The fun environment and the opportunity for long-term growth.

Tell us about the president?
L: Jonathan Perry is a fun and upbeat guy. He always motivates and pushes people to take the next step to grow and push further. He’s the best boss, he strives for his own success but what makes him happy is seeing other people succeed for sure.

Can you tell us about Kent Bugg, the Assistant Manager?
L: Kent Bugg is one of the most genuine people I know, he also has a lot of qualities like the president of the company where he just wants to help people succeed and grow and be professional and successful. He is always there to chat about life or work related challenges that you may run into. He’s a great coach and mentor — as well as a listening ear.

Kent sent flowers to our HR team while he was on a business trip!


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